How to Pick Door Swing Direction

Since the doors are selected for certain rooms, the direction of their opening should also be taken into account. There is right-hand inswing with right-hand outswing as well as left-hand inswing with left-hand outswing, which affects the position of the handles and determines the comfort of use. So if you buy doors prehung, you have to decide about the handing in advance. 

When choosing prehung interior doors, it is enough to provide free space for opening. The opening method can be determined by the following features:

  • the hand is used to open the door;
  • loop type;
  • pushing side.

The door opening direction should be convenient and safe. It is important to specify the proper door hand or swing for accurate door replacement and proper choice of door hardware.


Single Door Handing

As a rule, interior doors are installed so that they open into the interior of the room. This is because doors opening into the corridor create inconveniences when furniture or large-sized household appliances are brought in. The most important thing is that interior doors do not block the room when it is open. Therefore, when choosing the opening direction, it is better to set the opening of the canvas towards the nearest wall. Of course, you can order both left and right prehung door blocks, with outward or inward opening.

There are a couple of good things about single door hanging:

  • simplicity and reliability of the opening mechanism — the hinges can serve for many years; 
  • low price — Such doors are way cheaper than folding or sliding doors; 
  • high sound and heat insulation — the door leaf fits snugly to the box; 
  • increased protective functions — it is especially true about single-leaf doors. They make it easy to mount various closing mechanisms (locks, latches). 


Double Door Handing

Interior doors can be opened in both directions (as when entering a metro lobby). Naturally, differences in the way of opening lead to differences in the device, which is considered separately. The same refers to doors consisting of two leaves. 


Purchasing Lockers

Let’s take a closer look at the main key features and specs that you should pay special attention to when buying door lockers: 

  • security of the lock system;
  • crossbars and lock case;
  • the core of the locket;
  • one key system;
  • door handles and panels.

On top of that, another important parameter is the material of the product. We recommend that you give preference to strong steel and do not buy lockers made of brittle soft metals such as silumin. Besides the locker material, pay attention to the type of lock. In this regard, there are two main types of locking mechanisms: cylinder and lever. Try to approach the lock selection with special care — it is a very responsible task. Otherwise, you risk purchasing a device that will go out of order in a few months or so.

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