How to Decide About Door Configurations and Door Framing

It is important to choose not only the door leaf; you should also pay attention to such details as door framing and configuration. This allows you to hide the joints and other flaws of the door construction, thus, completing the interior design at the entrance to the room. Let’s take a look at the available configurations and frame types.


What Are the Interior Doors Configurations?

There are multiple interior door configurations. So you can always pick a construction that will perfectly fit any interior. 


Swinging (Hinged) Doors

This door configuration is considered a classic one. Hinged doors are mounted on hinges to the vertical frame of the box. To install swinging doors, you need some space for it to move freely. The advantages of such door construction are simplicity and reliability of the design. 


Pocket Doors

A pocket door is a sliding door that is moving in and out of a pocket. When open, the door disappears into a compartment in the adjacent wall. Pocket doors are used in conditions of limited space and come with a panel that is specifically adjusted to the door.


Barn Doors

The supporting structure of barn doors is made of solid planks and has a look of a lattice. The frame consists of vertical and horizontal elements, joined together by glued tenon joints. 


Bypass Doors

A bypass door is a type of door system used with closets. Such doors open by sliding on a track behind/ in front of each other.


Magic Doors (Sliding Doors with Hidden Track)

The main distinctive feature of magic doors is that they come with a hidden track. The sliding mechanism is hidden under the door; it is not visible, which creates an impression that the door hangs on the wall as if by itself.


Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are mainly used in large openings. They consist of two equal panels that are hinged together making the door open by folding the panels against each other. 


Accordion Doors

These structures have a look of an accordion, which consists of several articulated leaves. When closing the folding doors, they rotate around the vertical axis and are parallel to each other. Such designs occupy an intermediate position between sliding and pocket doors.


Door Framing

Interior doors can come with different framing. You can choose from either pre-hung doors and slab door construction based on your needs.

Pre-Hung Doors

The main distinctive feature of pre-hung doors is that the doors hinges are already mounted on the frame. This means that the door is already aligned inside the frame, which will then be installed in the prepared opening. Pre-hung doors are easier to install since most of the heavy leveling work has already been done. 


Slab Doors

Slab doors have a look of basic stripped-down doors that do not include a frame, holes for the doorknobs, and the hinges. All these have to be mortised out, and the door leaf is to be attached to an existing door frame, or an entirely new door frame is to be created. 

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