About Door Finishing

Do you want the door to not only look beautiful and fit into the interior but also to serve for a long time, be resistant to damage, and easy to clean? Wondering how do you balance design and functionality when choosing an exterior finish? Let’s take a look at the door finishing options and their distinctive features.


About Door Finishing — Basics

A door finish must be durable, withstand mechanical damage and the influence of the external environment. What’s more, since a door is an independent interior object, it should fit furniture and the general interior of the room. We have made a list of door finishes that will effectively cope with the mission.

Primed Interior Doors

Primed doors arrive with a base coat of primer, onto which you can apply paint if needed.  The best thing about primed interior doors is that you can yourself decide what color to paint the door into and what design the door will have. 

Pre-Finished Interior Doors

Just as its name suggests, these types of interior doors have already been prepared to be installed after being purchased. You do not need to cover the door leaf with any finishing. Your door has been finished with either wax, oil, paint, or varnish at a factory.

Stained Interior Doors

The purpose of stain is to allow the natural grain of the wood to show to some degree. The finishing tends to be in natural colors of wood from virtually clear to very dark, but they do not completely cover the grain of the wood.

Unfinished Interior Doors

Unfinished doors have a look of a blank door leaf that requires full-fledged works before you can install them. As a rule, unfinished doors are pre-sanded but not stained or painted. This gives you the freedom to decide how your interior doors will look like.

Types of Door Finishes

Different materials are used for finishing interior doors — from valuable wood species and veneer to PPL and CPL. Each finishing material comes with many practical and visual benefits. The choice of door finishes depends on the style of the interior and the key door features.


A door can be painted in different colors. Some manufacturers can paint a door in any of 196 RAL colors. 


Veneered doors are created by hand-laying natural timber veneers covering both faces of the door’s core. It is one of the strongest and most durable finishes.


Polypropylene is a multilayer coating, a film that emulates the look, structure, and even configuration of natural wood. It is a durable polymer with excellent performance and high resistance to mechanical damage and moisture.


CPL finishing consists of a decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin and a multi-layered backing paper. This dense material with a sealed surface is resistant to intensive stresses makes the surface resilient and durable.


When applying varnish to your door, you maintain the look of natural wood for your door. Besides that, varnished finishing makes interior doors resistant to any unfavorable environment — from extreme temperatures to high humidity levels.

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